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The Benefits of Vinyl Over Paint and Plasti Dip

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The Benefits of Vinyl Over Paint and Plasti Dip

Our installers and designers naturally get a lot of questions about vinyl wraps. The most common are about why car owners choose vinyl wraps over all other options. Read below to find out!

Vinyl vs Paint

Cost: In general, a vinyl wrap costs a quarter of what a high-quality paint job would cost with a very similar end result. Also, vinyl wraps give you graphical flexibility, as well as, easy maintenance and removal, it’s understandable why so many car owners prefer them.

Installation Time: A vinyl wrap can generally be installed in 1-2 days, with many done within a day. It’s not unusual for a car’s repainting to take two weeks or more, leaving you without your car.

Limitless Color and Design Options: With so many wrap color choices, materials, and digitally printed designs available, your vehicle will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether you want a subtle matte or are looking to completely transform your vehicle, vinyl wraps can give you the desired outcome.

Protection: Want your original paint to last? Vinyl protects from sun exposure, weather, rocks and other hazards that are encountered while on the road. This, when combined with the ease of removal, means the resale value on your vehicle stays higher.

Easy to Maintain: With a vinyl vehicle wrap, you’ll never need to wax again. Just hand-wash your car with soap and water and you’re good to go!

Easy to Remove: Want to go back to your original look or change your wrap for a new one? It takes just a couple of hours for one of our wrap experts to remove car wraps with no damage to your original paint job.


Vinyl Wrap vs Paint vs Plasti Dip

Vinyl vs Plasti Dip

More Durable: PlastiDip gets a lot of attention because it’s usually cheaper than vinyl wrap, but you definitely get what you pay for. Everything from bird droppings (seriously!) to gasoline and rocks, eat away at a Plasti Dip coating.

More Colors and Designs: With far fewer color options and the inability to create designs effectively, one can see the limitations of choosing Plasti Dip. Also, glossy coatings are only available after the initial installation and none that come close to matching a vinyl wrap’s quality appearance.

More Attractive: A lot of people are intrigued by the idea of applying Plasti Dip themselves to change their car’s appearance. That’s an easy impulse to understand, but Plasti Dip is difficult to apply correctly. That’s why Plasti Dip can frequently look splotchy and inconsistent compared to a vinyl wrap.

Easier to Remove and Repair: Plasti Dip is difficult to remove and requires specialty chemicals to do the job properly. In fact, it’s very easy to damage your original paint job during the process. Vinyl Wraps are also more easily repaired in the event of damage to your vehicle, thus saving you money and stress.


If you are looking to spend less, have more options, and have your car back in a timely manner, then the choice appears to be clear: vinyl. However, if you are still not convinced and/or have further questions, give us a call and we can help put your mind at ease.

Source: Hyundai Blog